NY sports betting odds

A big piece of the success puzzle in sports betting is mastering betting odds and scores in New York. Once you know the ins and outs of sports betting odds New York bookies offer you’re able to sort of “see the matrix”.

All of a sudden you know why one team is being favored, one team is a valuable underdog, and where you need to be putting your money for the best chance to win. At the same time, deciphering NBA odds, NFL odds, or something like Masters odds isn’t as easy as it appears. That’s where this guide comes into play, though.

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Read sports betting odds in NY

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of breaking down specific odds on specific lines, NYGamblers will highlight the fundamentals and basics. Every sports betting odds New York platform is going to express odds the same way, with a system that looks something like this:

  • New York Yankees -170
  • Boston Red Sox +110

This should tell you a couple of things at a glance. For starters, it lets you know who the sportsbook considers the favorite and the underdog. The team with the negative number (the team with odds starting with a “-“) is always the favorite. The team with the positive number (the “+”) is the underdog.

Secondly, the number that follows either the minus sign or the plus sign lets you know how much money you have to bet to win a certain amount or how much a certain bet will pay off.

For the favorites

For the favorites, it lets you know how much money you have to wager to win $100. Using our example above, a $170 bet on the New York Yankees needs to be placed to win $100 (for a $270 profit).

On the flipside, the underdog number lets you know how much money you’ll win with a $100 bet. This example says that if the Boston Red Sox win and you bet $100 on the game you’d come away with $110 extra, for a total profit of $210. Now let’s dig a little deeper into some more wager specific odds you might find from different sportsbooks in New York.

Top betting odds in New York

The type of wager you place will be dictated heavily by the sports betting odds New York platforms are offering at any one particular point in time.

Below we run through some of the best sports betting odds in New York you might have to pick and choose from. Almost every NY online sports betting site is going to offer these kinds of wagers, and the types of betting odds bookies offer will look a lot like the examples we provide.


Moneyline wagers are far and away the easiest of all the bets to place on sports (or anything else, for that matter).

All you have to do with a moneyline wager is pick the team that you think is going to come away in the winter. Pretty much every single match or contest is going to have a favorite and an underdog, and you can pick either want to come out on top. If your team does win you are going home with the jackpot!

Using our example above, you might see a moneyline that looks something like this:

  • New York Yankees -170
  • Boston Red Sox +110

This lets you know that the Yankees are the favorite and you have to wager $170 to win $100 and pure profit.

You could also bet $100 on the Boston Red Sox to beat the Yankees even though they are the underdog. If that’s how the game shakes out you’re going home with an extra $110 in your back pocket.

The Spread

The point spread works a little differently from the moneyline. Not only do you have to pick the right team to win a specific game, but the final score of the game also factors into the equation.

NFL spreads and NBA spreads are super popular with bettors. Sportsbooks like to offer this kind of action as well, mostly because it lets them sort of even up the odds a little bit. It encourages money to go on both sides of the line so that they don’t lose big if a heavy favorite comes out on top or a heavy underdog pulls off the upset.

Let’s use an NFL example:

  • New York Giants -14.5 (-110)
  • Philadelphia Eagles +14.5 (-110)

These NFL point spreads let you know that the New York Giants are favored to win the game over the Eagles, and are favored to win by more than 14.5 points.

If you place a bet on the Giants, though, they not only have to win the game but they also have to beat the Eagles by at least 14.5 points (15 points in reality). If they beat the Eagles by less than 14.5 points (even by just 14 points) you still go home a loser.

If, on the other hand, the Eagles are able to upset the Giants they only have to win outright or they have to lose by less than 14.5 points. As long as one of those criteria hits the people who bet on the Eagles are going home with extra money in their sportsbook account.

The -110 with these odds and scores lets you know that you have to bet $110 to win $100 no matter which team you put money on.


Over/under betting odds in New York (sometimes called totals betting) has less to do with which team is going to actually win the game and more to do with whether or not you think a certain amount of points will be scored by both teams combined.

These sports betting odds New York platforms put together are going to look something like this:

  • New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox 11.5 (-110)

Odds like this tell you that the sportsbook thinks that the Yankees and the Red Sox are going to combine for somewhere around 11.5 runs total. This may mean that the Yankees score 11 runs and the Red Sox score none, or it might mean that the Red Sox score 6 runs and the Yankees score 5.

At the end of the day, the book is saying that somewhere near 11 runs will be scored (at least in their estimation).

You as a better have an opportunity to wager whether or not more runs will be scored or fewer runs will be scored in that particular game.If you think the Yankees and Red Sox will combine for more than 11.5 runs (even just 12 of them), you’ll want to bet the over. If you think they’ll combine for fewer runs, you’ll want to bet the under.

If the game ends up with the Yankees scoring seven runs and the Red Sox scoring six, the over is going to pay out (13 runs total would have been scored).

If the game ends up being a real dogfight between eight pitching, though, and the Yankees score 2 runs and the Red Sox score none the under will pay out (two runs total scored). No matter what the winning side pays out at -110 odds across the board (bet $110 for a $100 profit).

Props betting

Prop betting odds in NY are a little wilder but are a lot of fun as they are kind of “wagers inside of games” that have a lot less to do with affecting the final score of the game.

For example, prop bets that are really popular with Super Bowl betting odds usually have to do with who wins the coin toss or how long the national anthem is (a popular over/under).

Other examples of prop bets include:

  • Which team is going to score before the other
  • Which team is going to commit an error or turnover first
  • Which player is going to get the most hits, the most strikeouts, score the most three pointers or touchdowns, etc.

… And things like that.

Prop bets can be pretty much anything and everything imaginable. If it can happen in a game the odds are pretty good that a sportsbook is going to offer sports betting odds on that kind of action!


Futures wagers are a little bit unique, in that they have a little less to do with odds and scores and a lot more to do with overall achievement.

It’s popular for futures bettors to get into the action before a season starts, picking a team they think is going to go all the way and win a championship. Maybe that means picking the Yankees during spring training to win the World Series. Maybe it means picking the Giants to bring home another Super Bowl title during preseason.

Bet in advance

The trick is to get the wager in before (usually way before) the potential event that triggers the payoff. Some people even like to put wager bets down on games that won’t happen for another couple of years.

Maybe you really like the farm team that the New York Mets are putting together and think they will have a real shot at World Series hardware three or four years down the line. You might want to lock in a futures bet on those odds right now – dramatically multiplying the profit potential if the team looks amazing in three or four years.

Parlays and teasers

Parlays and teasers (especially popular with NFL point spreads) are some of the best sports betting lines around, especially if you don’t mind a little bit of complexity, little bit of risk, and potentially big payouts.

The idea here is to combine multiple bets (at least two individual bets) into one “mega bet”. For example, let’s say that you want to bet the moneyline for the New York Giants to win a Sunday night football game but also bet on the New York Mets to win a game late in September.

Instead of betting those two games separately and leaving their outcomes unrelated, you combine them into a parlay. Now you need the New York Giants to win and the New York Mets to win for your bet to payout. A Giants win or a Mets win alone isn’t enough.

Higher risk

The risk is higher because you need multiple things to happen for your bet to payout, but the extra profit potential increases with every leg of your parlay that you are at. Combine five different wagers into a parlay and you can be looking at a pretty penny in profit!

Teasers are parlay bets that you “buy points” for. Basically, you end up wagering more money than you would have traditionally to move the line in your favor.

Maybe you buy three points, for example, when betting the New York Giants spread at 14.5. Now the line moves to 11.5 against the Eagles (an easier total to hit). You wager more money and stand to win last, but you tilt the odds in your favor big time.

Sportsbooks with the best betting odds in NY


Finding the right New York online sportsbooks to place your bets with is another big piece of the puzzle when it comes to betting success.

For starters, you want to connect with sportsbooks with the best betting odds in New York that players have available. Competitive odds have an outsized impact on your ability to win or lose wagers on a regular basis. Whether you’re betting on events or in general.

Secondly, you need to be sure that the book you are betting with offers the kinds of wagers that you are looking for. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to sign up for a bookie that doesn’t offer NFL betting in New York if that’s the kind of action you like.

Third, banking options at New York betting sites need to be safe, secure, and lightning fast on payouts and deposits. You should be able to get money into and out of your account through methods you feel comfortable with. Methods you know you can trust and methods you know aren’t going to compromise your personal, private, or payment information.

To help you start your search for new sportsbooks with the best betting odds in New York, here are five options you want to consider going forward:

  1. Caesars Sportsbook – Great reputation and great odds on a consistent basis
  2. BetRivers – Fantastic NBA odds, Masters odds, and NFL odds
  3. BetMGM– The online version of the legendary Las Vegas sportsbook
  4. DraftKings – Maybe the best mobile betting app in the world
  5. FanDuel – Top-tier live betting action and competitive odds and scores

FAQ’s About Betting Odds in New York

Is online sports betting legal in New York?

Online sports betting is completely legal in New York. You’ll be good to go so long as you pick a sportsbook that is licensed to operate in the state.

Am I limited to just New York sports teams?

Definitely not! Different sportsbooks offer different odds and scores, but almost every sportsbook in New York offers an opportunity to bet on games throughout the country (as well as around the world).

Can I sign up for multiple sportsbooks?

You sure can! In fact, one of the top strategies for getting the best sports betting odds New York has to offer is to sign up for multiple books. This lets you shop lines and hunt for value that you wouldn’t have had with just one account. This also lets you bring home different betting bonuses and promos at NY sportsbooks.

Do I need to be a dedicated fan to win sports bets?

You don’t have to be a dedicated fan to win sports bets on a regular occasion. As long as you can read odds, breakdown matches, and are comfortable rolling the dice with your wagers you’ll be good to go.

Is it safe to bet online with digital sportsbooks?

So long as you choose 100% legitimate sportsbook operations you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Where can I find the best betting odds in New York?

At the top of this page we present the sportsbooks with the best betting odds in New York. Scroll up to the list to compare and find your new favorite betting site.