Event Betting New York

If you’ve been getting a little worn out with traditional sports betting and want some event betting in New York action in your life, you’ve come to the right place. In this detailed guide by NYGamblers.com, we will cover some of the most popular event betting options available today. Not every sportsbook in New York offers all of these event options, but most of the top-tier ones will. At the end of the day, you won’t have much trouble finding plenty of opportunities to bet on political events, current events, world events, and future events – right alongside betting on your favorite New York sports teams, too.

Event betting sites

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Super Bowl event betting in New York

The Super Bowl just might be the most important and popular cultural event of the year in the United States. Watched by more than 100 million people annually (including a record-breaking 114 million people in 2015), the Super Bowl is so much more than the NFL championship game now.

Some people tune in to watch two great teams throw down against one another to see who will come out on top. But others are tuning in just to watch the commercials to see the creative ads their favorite companies and brands produce while some are only interested in tuning in during the halftime show!

At the end of the day, there’s a lot of hype and a lot of energy that surrounds the Super Bowl. That’s why there’s a whole week (Super Bowl Week) dedicated to getting folks ready for the big game.

Whether you want to do a little betting on sporting events, betting on current events, or betting on future events you’ll be able to put some money down on the Super Bowl event betting in New York– this year’s game or any in the future, too.

College Football Playoffs

The college football playoffs (CFP) aren’t quite as popular as the Super Bowl, but they are very much event betting in New York just the same. When the NCAA moved away from the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) structure in 2014 and implemented the CFP the whole world of college football changed forever.

Now instead of having computer algorithms with weighted human decisions determining who played for the national title the six conference champions play against one another in a single elimination style playoff system.

The two top teams (the two teams with the best record or the two highest ranked teams) get an initial bye during the first round. They then play the teams that win in week one, and the winner of those games go on to face each other in the national title game.

There’s talk about expanding the CFP to eight teams (or more) in the near future. That’s only going to make it even easier to get into this kind of event betting in New York. Check out CFP action if you haven’t already!

March Madness event betting in NY

The March Madness tournament happens at the perfect time of year. It used to be that the gap between the Super Bowl ending and spring-training for baseball beginning was empty, totally devoid of sports (aside from some early-season hockey). Today, though, nothing could be further from the truth.

March Madness event betting in NY perfectly fills the “doldrums” of early spring with a tournament that even folks that don’t necessarily love basketball can get enough of.

68 teams from across the NCAA play against one another in a single elimination style bracket system. You lose, you’re out. You win, though, and you continue playing until you reach the title game or you yourself get bounced from the bracket.

Fill out your brackets in time

Every year hundreds of millions of people fill out brackets from all over the world. Not just regular folks are getting in on the action, either.

Celebrities, Hollywood superstars, and even politicians (including the President of the United States) fill out brackets and often share them with everyone else. It’s easy to get into betting on sporting events when everybody else is jumping on board.

Almost every single sportsbook offers this kind of event betting in New York, too. If they offer any kind of basketball betting in New York (and all of them will) they are going to make it really easy to not only fill out a March Madness bracket but also pick individual game winners, futures, or get into live betting action.

FIFA World Cup event betting in New York


Soccer has been building up a lot of steam in the US recently, particularly with a younger generation of sports fans. This has definitely helped the popularity of betting on sporting events like the FIFA World Cup shoot through the roof. To be fair, though, betting on sporting events like the World Cup has always been popular around the world.

In fact, the World Cup is often described as the most viewed sporting event on the planet. Every four years billions of people tune in to watch everything from the initial pool tournament games all the way to the title game, too.

Easy to bet on the FIFA World Cup

And while the US men’s team hasn’t really made any waves in the World Cup recently, the women’s team has been downright dominant. Plenty of people get into event betting in New York to put a little bit of money down on the USA women’s team, and a lot of them have gone home with bigger bank accounts because of it!

The beauty of betting on events like the World Cup is that they are so similar to betting on traditional soccer games (and sporting events in general, really).

You’ll be able to put money down on the moneyline (the most basic of all wagers), the spread, and over/unders. You’ll also be able to get into proposition action and place future bets down if you want to.

The Summer and Winter Olympics


Every four years we are also treated to the Olympic Games, with the Summer Games and the Winter Games rotating on a two-year schedule. More than 200+ countries for around the world participate, with thousands of athletes all competing with the dream of going home with Olympic gold.

Not everyone is going to be able to fulfill that dream, obviously. But even just hitting the podium can be a lot of fun. Some are just happy to be able to compete with the world’s greatest athletes.

Betting on current events like the Olympics (summer or winter) can help fans better connect with their favorite athletes, their home nation, or just their favorite sports. An underdog pulling off a historic upset or breaking a world record always feels a little sweeter when you have some real money online.

Futures bet for event betting in New York

Future bets are especially popular when it comes time for this type of event betting in New York.

You know that another Olympic Games will roll around in four years, and you may have a good idea about who’s going to be competing in those upcoming events. Young runners-up may be ready to take the top spot in the podium as older athletes agent out, for example.

That’s a great opportunity to put money down without having to risk too much.

Prop bets

Prop bets are also really popular with both the summer and winter Olympic Games. Things like which nation will win the most medals, which athlete will win the most medals, how many world records will be broken, etc. are all going to be available from top sportsbooks in New York.

eSports Tournaments event betting in NY


The world of eSports is starting to heat up in a big way. Fans of video games have always been looking for new ways to compete with one another, but today’s top titles make this easier than ever before.

Leagues have popped up across the United States (and all over the world, for that matter) to feature gamers playing titles like Madden, FIFA, and NBA2K. These kinds of matches offer the same types of betting opportunities that NFL, European soccer, and NBA basketball offer (respectively).

On top of that, though, you have the more unique eSports tournaments for event betting in New York.

Tournaments for esport event betting in New York

Games like Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and League of Legends all have dedicated and developed eSports communities. You can follow your favorite gamers, your favorite eSports teams, or just bet on the “moneyline” in these types of contests. It’s a lot easier than you think!

Best of all, top New York sports betting sites make betting on events like these really easy. They clearly explain the kinds of wagers, break down the odds and the lines, and give you as much information as possible to make smart and informed bets.

Reality Shows


Reality TV show is super popular with the American population, which is why it should come as no surprise to anyone that betting on real world events like this is so popular, too.

Folks just can’t get enough of TV shows like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, Survivor, and Big Brother. These reality shows have passionate and dedicated followings and communities, but they also have a lot of people who like to get in on the betting action, too. Each TV show is going to have its own unique betting format, though.

For example, betting on events in New York like the upcoming Survivor tribal Council won’t look like betting on The Voice. There’ll be different prop bets, different kinds of wagers, and different kinds of NY betting odds – though the “who gets eliminated” wager is pretty universal across the board.

If the reality show you enjoy is plenty popular the chances are pretty good that the event betting in New York books are going to offer some kind of betting action on it.

Media Award Shows

Lots of people like to place bets on actors, musicians, and other creative people when the media award shows roll around.

Betting on the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the Grammys can be a lot of fun. These are cultural touchstone events for sure, tracking millions of people every year, and everyone is sort of familiar with the format and how everything shakes out.

That familiarity makes betting on real world events like these super simple and straightforward. For example, you know when the Oscars and Golden Globes are on you’ll have a chance to bet on things like Best Actor. During the Grammys, though, that category is out completely and replaced with Best Performer (or something similar).

Every book offers different odds and different lines for these events, though. It’s really important that you connect with top-tier event betting in New York platforms to find the best value for these kinds of wagers.

The best event betting in New York


Here’s a quick rundown of five new NY sportsbooks that offer the best event betting in New York, not just when it comes to media awards but all kinds of events in general:

  1. Caesars Sportsbook NY – Partnered with Caesars Casino, a robust and user-friendly sportsbook
  2. PointsBet NY – A very popular online sportsbook with great odds and solid banking options
  3. BetMGM NY – The online equivalent of one of the most popular Casino and resort companies in the world
  4. Bally Bet NY – A sportsbook built from the ground up with the mobile sports betting apps experience in mind, great for betting on sporting events and real-world events
  5. WynnBET NY – Another mobile first sportsbook, the odds and lines available for betting on future events here are exceptional

FAQ’s About Event Betting New York

Is it legal to bet online in New York?

It is completely legal to bet online (or off-line) in the state of New York right now. You’ll want to find the best sportsbook to do your betting through, but that’s the easy part!

How do I find a great online sportsbook for events in New York?

The best online betting books in New York have a couple of things in common. They are 100% legitimate, offer great odds and competitive lines, and make it easy to fund your account and fast payouts on winnings. Look for brands with great reputations, betting bonuses, and promos in NY.

Can I bet on current events and politics in New York?

You will be able to bet on most current events and some politics in New York. The only thing you definitely won’t be able to bet on in New York are the US presidential elections (that’s illegal).

How safe is event betting in New York?

As long as you are hooked up with a legitimate, safe, and licensed event betting in New York operation you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

What are some fun, easy bets to get started with?

The easiest bets of all to get started with are moneyline bets. All you have to do with these kinds of wagers is pick the winner of any event. It doesn’t get any easier (or more fun) than that.